Introducing DDD

One of my goals during this downtime is to work on a fun programming project and try to get it into a demo-able state. I am currently working on a project I call “DDD.”

I wanted a simple, short name that sets the focus of the project. Originally, I called it “3D.” I wanted to use the project name as the namespace for the project. The namespace must start with a letter, not a number. So how do you express “3D” starting with a letter? I could go with “ThreeD”, “Three-D”, “TD”, “IIID”…. but none of those felt right. Then it occurred to me that “3D” is equivalent to “DDD”. I like that it is a single character 3 times: easy to remember, easy to type, short.

So what is DDD? DDD is a command line tool to import/modify/view/export 3D data. Another way to put it…

ImageMagick is to Photoshop as DDD is to Maya

I want this project to work on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Above you can see the logo I created for the project. I wanted the logo to imply 3D without drawing any 3D text. If you cover an eye, your brain uses other queues to determine depth. I tried to use several of those queues…

  1. Distant objects are smaller
  2. Distant objects are lighter
  3. Distant objects are closer to the horizon
  4. Distant objects have less detail
  5. Distant objects are overlapped by closer objects
  6. Linear perspective/vanishing point

Got the name.
Got the logo.
Next up: make it work!

More soon.

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