Banned Video: Plandemic

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Plandemic is a 24 minute “preview” of an upcoming documentary. Good luck trying to find it. Google, Facebook , YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitter have all decided you should not see the video. The video is gone. The thing you will find instead is lots of websites, articles, and videos telling you why Plandemic is wrong.

Any time someone tells me I cannot watch something….that is what I want to watch.

Here is how you can watch it…

Watch it yourself and form your own opinion.

Good Deed for the Day

I was heading to pick up dinner when I noticed a guy bumming money from anyone walking by. He started walking in the same direction I was going, just ahead of me.

I watched as he approached an elderly lady. She was at least ninety. He asked her for money, and she was startled by him. Then he noticed she had money in her hand.

He grabbed the money and started to walk away quickly.


He looked surprised. He immediately gave her money back.

I was in disbelief. I asked him, “why would you do that?”

He said, “I need money for beer.” Then he walked away.

I called 911 and asked them to drive around the neighborhood and look for the guy. He is an older white man with a white beard and looks homeless. This happened at Scott & Chestnut by Hole in the Wall Pizza around 8:30pm.

The lady stayed with me until the guy left. She told me she has lived in this neighborhood for a hundred years and had never seen anything like that.