My Family’s Home Pages

Editor’s note:

This blog post was originally posted April 9, 2006. My old Moveable Type blog has been replaced with a new WordPress blog. In updating to the new blog, all my old posts ‘went away.’ I will periodically bring back some of them so they can live again. I had to update this post because many of the links no longer work and the JavaScript code did not work correctly with Chrome.


For Christmas 2000, I thought it would be a nice gift to give my family their own domains. I wanted my family to actually set up their own home pages, but I knew they probably would not. So I decided to give them a little incentive…I setup *very* annoying home pages for each of them based on the internet classic hamster dance.

Here are the original home pages, safely archived on my web site:

Of the original 4 web sites I setup, only my brother has kept his domain, but removed the “bro dance” home page. My Dad, Mom, and Joe let their domains expire and no longer own them.