NVIDIA put out an impressive demo at GTC 2020 (GPU Technology Conference) last week.

It is called “Marbles RTX.” It is a game that looks photorealistic because it uses ray tracing. Ray tracing has traditionally been used in movies, but was too slow to use in a game.

Not anymore. Check out this 3 minute video of Marbles RTX…

This game is clearly inspired by the 1984 arcade game Marble Madness. I loved that game. It had a unique 3D look and TRON-esque soundtrack. Here is a 4 minute video of someone playing from start to finish. I had never seen the later levels before.

Braid Game Mini Review

Braid is an older game, from 2008. I started playing it recently on my Xbox and finished it…without any help! It has the qualities I like: easy to pick up, unique/different, short. It is basically a Mario platform game, with the twist you can go back in time. You only have a single life. When you die, you reverse time to avoid the thing that killed you. Watch the trailer above to see what I’m talking about.

There is a lot of story to go along with the game. To be honest, it was lost on me. Once I finished, I had to search the internet to understand what just happened. The finale is not what you typically get in a game.

This game is special and worth trying out.

4.5/5 stars