It’s Alive!

My old blog covers January 2003 to January 2013. I accidently overwrote it when I started this blog.

I brought it back to life. You can now access it here:

How I Fixed It

  1. I used WinSCP to download my old blog to my computer.
  2. I ran this PowerShell script to update all the links to the new location (/
    ls *.html,*.xml -r -files | %{(gc $_ -Raw) -replace 'davidlenihan\.com','' | Set-Content $_}
  3. I used Adobe Media Encoder to convert all .wmv, . mov, and .mpg to .mp4 that can play in modern browsers.
  4. I ran this PowerShell script to change all references to videos to .mp4
    ls *.html -file -r | %{(gc $_ -Raw) -replace '(?<url>\"http://(www\.|)davidlenihan\.com/[^ ]*)\.(wmv|mov|mpg)\"', '${url}.mp4"' | Set-Content $_}
  5. I used WinSCP to upload the updated blog contents to the new location on the web server
  6. I created a subdomain ( that points to the actual location ( for easier access
  7. I placed a link to the old blog on the bottom right side under “Links”

Let me know if you find any issues.

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