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September 1, 2009

Home Theater Nirvana

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image I bought a new super remote: the Nevo Q50.

What I like:

  • Don’t have to aim remote (uses RF to talk to Nevo Connect, which is connected to my devices via IR Emitters)
  • Can use remote in any room
  • No number pad (those keys are wasted on me)
  • Almost everything can be done via 31 hard buttons
  • Four hard buttons that use the remote’s screen for labeling
  • One-handed operation
  • Voltage sensor for devices that do not have discreet on/off codes (like the PS3)
  • Completely customizable color, 320x240 touch screen
  • NevoStudio Pro 2.0 - really good/easy software for programming
  • You can get the screens to look *exactly* like you want. For example, I just took an image from the manual for my PS3 controller and made that a screen. Then I placed hotspots on the buttons that mapped to the actual IR remote output for a PS3 (via IR2BT).

What I don’t like:

  • Has to be charged approximately every three days
  • Software only runs on 32 bit Vista (not 64 bit Windows 7, which is what I normally run)
  • You get obsessed wanting to customize the screens to look perfect…and you are never finished
  • Resistive screen doesn’t work well with fingers (fingernails work better)

I bought the Nevo Q50 Remote, Nevo Connect, and NevoStudio Pro 2.0 software for about $550 on eBay from a merchant called “jdm-cafe.” Normally, you buy this remote from a home theater installer that will do all the programming for you…but what fun is that? I think this remote is more than a $1000 if you buy it from an installer.

I bought a voltage sensor (for my PS3) and 6 IR emitters from Remote Shoppe for about $140.

To figure out when my PS3 is powered on, I connected the voltage sensor to the power lines on a USB cable I plugged into the PS3. I learned about this technique for detecting the power state of a PS3 here.

I’m really happy with how slick this setup works. *NOW*, everything just works. Press the “PS3” button and…

  • TV turns on
  • TV switches to HDMI for PS3
  • Receiver turns on
  • Receiver switches to PS3 digital audio
  • PS3 powers on (if it isn’t already on)
  • Remote switches to PS3 control, with volume keys controlling the receiver

And when I’m done, I press “Power Down System”…

  • TV turns off
  • Receiver turns off
  • PS3 is sent a macro for turning off (if it is currently on)

Mmmmmmm…home theater nirvana! This makes me *really* happy. :)


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