Banned Video: Plandemic

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Plandemic is a 24 minute “preview” of an upcoming documentary. Good luck trying to find it. Google, Facebook , YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitter have all decided you should not see the video. The video is gone. The thing you will find instead is lots of websites, articles, and videos telling you why Plandemic is wrong.

Any time someone tells me I cannot watch something….that is what I want to watch.

Here is how you can watch it…

Watch it yourself and form your own opinion.

2 Replies to “Banned Video: Plandemic”

  1. This is what I call the totalitarian creep. When I was a child i was taught censorship was absolutely wrong. And just like the book says …. everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten. After watching Plandemic I was left pondering some very interesting important questions…. the most important of which is… who do I trust? And i for one trust Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter just about as far as I can throw them!!! They are a bunch of unelected autocrats with waaaaaaay to much power.

  2. I watched this and can’t for the life of me determine why this has been scrubbed from the web. I even sent it to some skeptical leftist friends and they agreed with the bulk of the vid! When did we become a society that censors ideas? Is this a thought crime?

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