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June 2, 2008

Blu-ray Player/PLAYSTATION 3

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I made the plunge yesterday and picked up a PS3 to use as a Blu-ray player. From what I've read, it is the best player out there and it is relatively cheap ($400).

There are some things I really about the PS3 when compared to an Xbox 360:

  • Quiet operation! I don't notice the PS3 at all...and that is my #1 issue with the 360.
  • Web browser...I can watch glorious 320x240 youtube videos stretched out on my HDTV
  • Slot loading drive...no tray
  • Solid unit...360 feels cheap in comparison
  • No power brick like the 360 has...just a cable to the wall outlet

I picked up the remote for the PS3 and figured I would use it to program my universal remote.

But you can't do that.

The PS3 does not have an IR port...it does its communications via bluetooth!

The cool thing about bluetooth is you don't have to do line-of-sight like you do with IR...which is nice.

The *bad* thing about bluetooth is...no other universal remote can send out those signals! So now I'm stuck with two remotes....grrrrr!

Help is on the way, though. There is a product called IR2BT that will take IR codes from your universal remote and convert them into bluetooth signals that the PS3 can understand! The product is out of stock, but I'm getting one as soon as they are available.

Now that the format war is over, I am switching to Blu-ray as my primary format. I picked up several discs this weekend including:

I am going to continue to use my 360 for gaming. The PS3 doesn't have anything that I'm really interested in with their current line-up.

In October, Little Big Planet comes out for the PS3 exclusively...and I *will* get that. It looks amazing...

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I'm with you on Little Big Planet. I've been following that title, and everything I see about it I LOVE!

Now that Transformers is coming out on Blu-Ray you'll have to post a BD vs HDDVD review.

Joseph Santillan:


Did you know about the $100 rebate that WalMart is offering on blue ray players. This applies to PS3


If you bought it at Best Buy, they will match this and give you a $100 best buy card. Just show them the add!

Thanks Joe...I'll look into it.


Even better.

Sign up for a Sony Rewards Visa card and they will give you a $100 credit if you purchase a PS3 within 45 days. This is good at any authorized retailer. The minimum purchase price is $299.

So you could purchase the Walmart PS3 for $399 and receive a $100 Walmart gift card instantly and then receive a $100 credit on your Sony statement in 8-12 weeks. $399 - $100 gift card - $100 credit = Final price $199. Not bad.

Read more about the Sony Reward card here


One more thing about the Sony credit card. Call Chase customer support and request that they expedite the delivery so that you can use the card in time before the Walmart promo ends. They should send it overnight.

Chase customer support 1-800-432-3117.

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