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March 17, 2008


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This is amazing.

I worked with these guys (Boston Dynamics) a long time ago when I did flight simulators. We integrated their DI-Guy product in our flight simulator API (Vega Prime) to get realistic looking people.

Their *other* product line blows me away...robots! REALLY CREEPY ROBOTS!!!

Check out "BigDog"...a robot that can carry heavy equipment across almost any type of terrain.


Next up is RHex, which can traverse difficult terrain *and* swim underwater...


Finally, RiSE can climb up any surface...


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That BigDog robot is creepy as hell. The way it reacts when it gets pushed, or slips on ice is very human like. Plus it looks like a big spider. I hate spiders!!

John V.:

My workplace is about a half mile down the road from where this company is located. A place I sometimes go walking during my lunch hour, Prospect Hill, is adjacent to their offices. I will need to keep an eye out for this robot on future walks. When you were in Boston we should have hit the MIT Museum - they have a robotics section as well as some other interesting stuff.

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