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January 4, 2009

Getting Rid of My Crap

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I have a closet full of electronics that I don’t use anymore. I am going to get rid of them via eBay and make some cash doing it.

I updated my website so I have a link to my current eBay items on the right (only shows on my home page, not individual posts).

Here is my first item: my old Xbox 360…

Xbox 360 w/ 20 GB, 11 games, HD DVD player w/ 4 movies


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Oh boy, I can't wait to see what your XBox blog has to say about this!

So far it hasn't noticed.


Why would you buy a 2nd Xbox 360 elite for a new harddrive when you can manually swap out the harddrive for what is most definitely cheaper, and you can also buy any of the other components separately as well?

I wanted the HDMI output (original 360's didn't support it).

Plus, the Elite is...
- quieter
- lower power
- black


Ah, cool. I have huge problems with how loud mine (NOT elite) is. I put it inside a cabinet, but it can overheat during certain games even with vents cut into the back of the cabinet. Even inside the cabinet with the door shut, its annoyingly loud at night when the volume can't be cranked.

Mike Schriever:

Has your 360 gotten the RROD yet? I suspect your starting price is a little high. Two hundred is where you'll get some bites.

Good Luck

Nope...I never got the RROD.

With Ebay, the bidding wars start in the last hour of the sale. Wait until Sunday to see if it is overpriced.


You didn't get any bids on your crap. What gives?

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