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June 28, 2008


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imageI saw WALL-E last night.

I really liked it...and I am not alone. It currently has a 96% tomatometer score, which is really good. For comparison, Iron Man (my favorite of the summer), has a score of 93%.

This movie has a different feel than previous Pixar films. The main characters don't talk, so communication via expression is the focus...and it works.

Ben Burtt (responsible for R2-D2's chirps, light saber sounds, Darth Vader's breathing, among others) did the sounds of the robots in WALL-E. The sound is one of the reasons I really liked the film.

Sigourney Weaver gets a chance to see other side...she is the voice of the ship's computer and gets to do the "this ship will self destruct in 5 minutes" line.

The movie opens with an animated short called "Presto". It was fun...one of the better shorts. It reminded me of PDI's Gabola The Great from 1997.

So where does this fit in with Pixar's other 8 films? I put it in the top half along with The Incredibles, Monster's Inc. and Toy Story...which means it is a *very* good film.


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Haven't seen it yet, but the trailer looked marvelous. It seemed to be Pixar's most realistically rendered film yet. Is that so?

I thought Ratatouille had a more realistic look.

The Earth sequences looked very real. The space ship sequences didn't. Earth was dirty and the space ship was perfectly clean and felt "computer generated"...which is probably by design.

Even though I didn't like Cars an Ratatouille as much as other Pixar fare, I thought they were beautiful to watch.

WALL-E doesn't have the same amazing visuals, but the character animation is what blows you away.

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