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May 3, 2008

Ironman Review

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imageIronman is awesome!

One of the best comic book movies ever made...up there with the original Superman and Spiderman movies.

Some of my favorite parts were the dialog between Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. Robert has a great screen presence and is the reason this movie works. I think the focus on the characters will attract a broader audience than most comic book movies.

The end credits had a really cool effect...definitely worth checking out.

...and the special effects weren't shabby, either. :)

Look for a cameo appearance by Ironman/Robert Downey Jr. in The Incredible Hulk June 13th.


Comments (3)

Solid movie. I'd say as good as Spiderman but not quite Transformers. Enjoyed it thoroughly. The character development was great while I felt the story had more depth than other superhero flicks. Very impressed.


Ironman was great! Loved the special effects. Not withering in detail like the transformers. Liked Ms Potts and her ability to stay focused and at a professional distance from her boss. Best line was when Potts is leading a bimbo out the door after Tony's tryst, said: "Sometimes I take out his trash."

Had a problem with the plot: Does anyone believe that the U.S. government doesn't monitor major arms producers sales to foreign governments? In the film, Obadiah Stane has been selling weapons to a mudjahadin leader for some time and contracted with him to eliminate Tony. Hell, I thought they just stole the weapons they used against us.

And what's up with Lt Col Rhodes. Someone at that level of authority, coordinating for the JCS would be at least a full Colonel more than likely a BGen.

And why the heavy nod to the Air Force? Yes, the USAF can put troops on the ground, like the Air Commandos during Vietnam, but Tony was demonstrating a ground-ground missle system. That technology still belongs to the Army. The troops in the Humvee were Air Force. Guess they didn't want to confuse folks when later Rhodes is a Commmand and Control Center and tried to call off the Raptors.

What was that Corporate Jet? Beautiful V-tail. Looks like the Eclipse Concept Jet (ECJ)but was much bigger (to allow for an elevating pole for dancers).

As I grew up loving Batman, who of course has the Batcave, I got uneasy with Tony's seemingly easily accessibly Malibu mountain top home and workshop.

My wife like the movie too and thought Ironman's gadgets were more impressive than Batman's, whose new trailer we also saw. Now that's a pity and a criticism of the 'new Batman' for ignoring the comic books great designs of Batmobiles.

By the way, I am listening to some great Ironman pulsating music while typing this. Check it out: http://ironmanmovie.marvel.com/

Excellent flick. Hard to imagine anyone else playing Stark. I think it even outdid "Spiderman" in terms of keeping the origin storyline tightly integrated into the movie (Spidey still wins on other counts, though).

Those guys at ILM really outdid themselves. When you've got a practical costume and a CGI effect that are that difficult to distinguish between on screen, well, that's mighty impressive.

Kudos for Stan Lee's cameo--no awkward octogenarian heroics this time around.

I do think the poster is a bit of a spoiler in terms of Jeff Bridge's photo. Either that or he's doing a tie-in promo for "Head On" analgesics.

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