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November 30, 2007


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I bought the Orange Box recently for the Xbox 360. The Orange Box consists of 5 games. The first game I tried is called "Portal." The video above gives you an idea of the concept behind Portal and what game-play looks like. This video was also shown at the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater in 2007.

It took me about two sittings to finish Portal. Some people will be annoyed with how short it is. I love that it didn't take forever since I don't spend a lot of time playing video games.

Portal is an amazing game and unlike anything you have played. It seems like a first person shooter...but you don't have a gun and nobody is trying to kill you. It is actually a mind-bending puzzle game.

The game's sense of humor is part of the charm. It is so well done.

I can't stress this enough...you *must* try this game! It may be my favorite game since I first tried "The Sims." This is a fun and very satisfying game!

Portal (part of "The Orange Box") is available now on the Xbox 360 and PC and coming soon to the PS3.

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Does this game do anything fancy shmancy with DX10 or will it run on my tepid X800GT?

I tried to find a demo of it online, but apparently not only does it come bundled but theres no trial or demo version, either. Us old folk need the reassurance of system testing before we cash in our Social Security checks for a game...

I'm not kidding about the old folk thing. I helped a lady at Krogers yesterday who had dropped her purse on the way out. As we picked stuff off the ground I pointed to a $10 bill and said "Grab the foldin' money before it blows away". Foldin' money? I am now officially Wilford Brimly.

Portal doesn't do anything fancy. The Wikipedia page says minimum DirectX 8 card, but recommends a DirectX 9 card.

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