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October 29, 2007

India Trip Part 1

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I was in India for the past week. My trip took me around the world. I started in San Francisco and changed planes in London Heathrow before continuing to Bangalore, India. On the way back, I went via Singapore and Hong Kong before returning to San Francisco.

I left SF on Sunday @ 4:50 pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) and arrived in Bangalore on Tuesday @ 6:00 am IST (Indian Standard Time)...more than a 24 hour trip.

To prepare for the time zone change, I stayed awake for the trip to London (10 hours 10 minutes). I slept for the 2nd leg from London to Bangalore (9 hours 25 minutes). When I arrived it was 6 in the morning, so the timing worked out well because I was ready to wake up.

I traveled on British Airways business class. The flight from SF to London had a really nice seating setup. You could raise a window between you and the person next to you and then it felt like you were in your own private area.

Here are some pics from the London flight on a 747-400...



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Hi David,

That was short and sweet..
I look fwd for your remaining episodes of blog on India trip ..

U ve asked me to edit..make sure u blog before i forget..the places we visited..:-)


I've got a lot more to post...I'm hoping to get Shandra's pics tomorrow so I can combine hers with mine before I post any more.

Thanks again for being such a great host!



I take it the Highlife magazine in the first picture is not referring to drugs.


Better put Bubba's comment in the Secret Stash. (Pun NOT intended.)

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