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October 21, 2007

Dad Visit

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My Dad and his wife Rosie came to visit me in San Francisco this weekend.

They aren't leaving until Tuesday. I have to leave today (Sunday) for India for a business trip. I decided to take Friday off so I could spend more time with them before I ditch them in San Francisco.

I've already given them the Presidio tour (home of ILM and LucasArts). So this time I took them to Skywalker Ranch (home of Skywalker Sound). We had lunch out there and then explored the area. It is a really beautiful and amazing place.

When we got back to town, we grabbed some grub at Asqew and watched Transformers.

Saturday, I took them wine tasting. We started at Gloria Ferrer (in Sonoma Valley) and tasted Champagne.

Next, we went to Napa Valley. I like Napa better than Sonoma...it is more picturesque. The grape vines are turning fall colors now.

We stopped at Robert Mondavi's winery. You get 2 tastes for $10 and you get to keep the Robert Mondavi labeled wine glass. Additional tastes are $3. This place is beautiful. Definitely worth checking out.



For dinner, we ate at a garlic restaurant in San Francisco called "The Stinking Rose." The food was great, with interesting atmosphere (garlic hanging everywhere).

Sunday we met for breakfast at Noah's Bagels. I forced them to watch "Death Proof" and then I dropped them off at Monaghan's for Bloody Mary's and NFL football while I got ready to head to the airport.

Great visit...thank you guys for coming out to see me!

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When Glenda and I went on our wine country vacation, we stopped for the tour and tasting at Mondavi's. The really cool thing about the tasting room is that, for a price, you can have a glass of wine that you could never, ever afford (at least not sober). So you can spend $20 to have a glass of wine from a $300/bottle vintage. Quite an opportunity. ( I am jealous of the glasses. They weren't doing that back then).

I also recommend the wine train (if its still running). Its particularly fun if the weather is inclimate and you just need an excuse to eat and drink and go nowhere very, very slowly.

Good luck on the trip!


Did you try the garlic ice cream?

Greetings from the UK (waiting for my next flight to India)

Nope...didn't try the garlic ice cream...although that sounds delicious. I'll have to back and try that next time.

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