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August 19, 2007


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This preview is not safe for work (R-rated)...

I saw Superbad today. Very funny and crude...but highly recommended!

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John Roquemore:

I am having flashbacks of high school. That was too funny!!


Personally I thought this was one of the dumbest movies I had ever seen. I sat there for majority of the movie thinking it was way over the top especially with the cops taking McLovin on a joyride...that is until about a week ago when a 6 year veteral police officer at my brother's University met 3 girls at a convinience store and took them for a joyride in his brand new police cruiser. He ran a few red lights, and drove around like a moron sometimes going twice the speed limit. The joyride ended with him losing control of the car, going up on a curb, and running into a light pole before finally coming to a stop at which point he opened the doors and told the 3 girls one of them who was injured to get out and run. Later he tried to deny there was anyone else in the car. So I no longer think that was the dumbest movie ever, I now think they should add a disclaimer saying "based on a true story" haha

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