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September 11, 2006


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This song reminds me of music from the good old days (the 80's) when you judged a song by how many times you could tolerate watching the video. This is a very clever video (done in one take!) and a catchy song. Check it out, OK Go's "Here It Goes Again"...



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Great video - I had heard people talking about "the treadmill song," but I didn't know who was the artist.

Both of their albums, OK Go (self-titled) and Oh No, are really good. I haven't heard their EP's though.

Kelvin Hickman:

I first heard of these guys when they were interviewed on the Colbert Report. (More American's get their fake news from Comedy Central than any other source!) Apparantly, the lead singer's sister does all their choreography, which follows in their grass roots kind of mind set. Very creative video, indeed!

I've watched this probably about 50 times, and something kept bothering me about the guy singing (with the sideburns). I kept wanting the guy in pink pants to be singing - maybe because he was fiddling with the remote at the start.

I downloaded them playing this song from Conan and the pink pants guy IS the lead singer.

I think the lead singer is the *other* skinny guy with the dark jacket...I agree with you that it is not the crazy bald guy...I saw them preform on Letterman and I was surprised to see the bald guy wasn't singing.

Have you heard any of their albums yet - really good.

I'll check again, but I'm almost positive pink pants is the singer - I'll try to post some screenshots.

Also, did you watch the MTV VMA's? They recreated the treadmill video live! Search on Google video for OK Go VMA (or MTV VMA) and you should see it.

Another thing - Google video has their video for One Million Ways, another song that they have choreographed dancing in a backyard. These guys can dance!!!

Here is the Treadmill Song from the VMA's. I never get tired of watching it.

I bought the song "Here it Goes" and I listen to it quite a bit. I haven't listened to the rest of their music, but several people have said good things about their previous work.

Here is the "One Million Ways" video.

I think I have the dance moves down...I just need to find the proper forum to reveal them.

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