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July 10, 2006

And the winner is...

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In my search for HDTV, I narrowed my choices down to the LED DLP or the Sony SXRD.

But the problems with DLP not being true 1920x1080 and reliability issues with SXRD made me decide to reevaluate plasma and LCD.

I still can't do plasma because the burn-in issue worries me...so that leaves LCD.

Samsung has a new 1080p LCD 40" set out that looks really good, the LN-S4095D. I saw it today at Best Buy for $3,300. Sony is supposed to come out with their own 1080p LCD's in September. I need to read some reviews, but right now I'm very tempted to get the Samsung.

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I've got the Sony Wega 60 incher from a couple of years ago. It's only 1080i, but it's a great TV. The same model now is 1080p. 40 inches is something I would put in my bathroom. Not large enough to be worthy of my main TV.

If all I had was HD content, I'd agree with you. But most TV is going to be SD (480i) for a long time. Stretching a 640x480 image up to a 60 inch screen is going to look bad unless you sit *really* far back.

In your opinion, how does your SD look? Do you see lots of artifacts, or does it just look bad? I think SD would look good on HDTV, if the HDTV is not too big.

I think you should see the TV I'm getting.

Mike Schriever:

I don't really see artifacts, it looks more like a bad signal on a standard TV... kind of grainy. However, a progressive scan DVD looks awesome, or the digital signal out of an HDMI cable box looks really good. To me, a TV of this magnitude, I'll have for a long time. While the HD signal is not widespread yet, it will be... long before this TV wears out. So I spend 3 grand plus on a TV that will last for years, rather than all that dough for something that isn't ideal in two or three years. Everything off the Xbox 360 looks great.

Yeah...40" is a bit small...maybe the next size up (46") would be a better compromise between SD and HD quality. A 40" 16:9 set will show 4:3 content like a 32" 4:3 set. A 46" 16:9 set will show 4:3 content like a 37" 4:3 set. The 46" 1080p Samsung's (LN-S4695D or LN-S4696) should be out soon for $4,499 and $4,799, respectively. Also, Sony has some 1080p LCD's coming out in the next couple of months that are made from same LCD panels that Samsung is using and should be on par if not better quality-wise (and probably more expensive). So I will wait a bit longer.

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