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March 17, 2006

Email from Mark Cuban

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I went to the Mavs/Cleveland Cavs game this past Tuesday. It started out terrible and looked like we didn't have a chance, then we turned it around and pulled out a victory. After the game, me and my buddy went to the #7 club at the American Airlines Center to have some drinks and check out the girls. The DJ at the club was wearing a Lebron James jersey (from the Cleveland Cavaliers)!  That drove me nuts! Why would a guy that works for the Mavericks be supporting the visiting team?!?! It made me angry enough to write Mark Cuban an email about it. I sent the email this morning and guess what! Mark sent me a response! Very cool! Here's the email...
Re: Ask Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban
To: David Lenihan XXX@davidlenihan.com/ORIGINAL_davidlenihan.com
Thursday, March 16, 2006 9:34:04 AM

You are right

If I was there, he would have had to take it off

Thx for the headsup

On Thu, 16 Mar 2006 9:02 am, David Lenihan wrote:
> Hey Mark.
> I was at the Cleveland Cavs game this past Tuesday.

> After the game, we went to the #7 club to hang out.
> The DJ that played songs on the outside patio was
> wearing a LeBron James jersey.
> I found that very offensive...why is a guy paid by
> the Mavericks organization wearing the jersey of 
> the visiting team? I'm fine with him not supporting
> the Mavs if he doesn't want to wear Mavs gear...but
> supporting the visiting team is crossing a line!
> I spoke with several other people at the Old #7
> club, and they all had the same reaction...what
> is up with the DJ supporting Cleveland?
> I've been a big Mavs supporter since I moved to
> Dallas back in 94. I even have a Mavericks
> Texas license plate. I'm a huge Mavericks fan and
> I love what you've done with the organization. Keep
> up the great work...I think we have something
> really special this year!
> David Lenihan
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UPDATE: I fixed the mispelling of Cleveland (was Cleavland)...it was driving me crazy and everybody kept pointing it out...for some reason my spell checker didn't have a problem with it. Now I REALLY know how to spell Cleveland!

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