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September 13, 2010

SIGGRAPH 2010: Pixar Walking Teapot

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Pixar Walking Teapot

Pixar’s walking teapot is always the best swag of SIGGRAPH. Every year it is a different theme. This year is Mr. Potato Head in honor of Toy Story 3.

Why a teapot? Because it has become the standard model for showing off computer rendering techniques.

The line to get the teapots was ridiculous this year. They give out a batch each of the 3 exhibit days. I stood in line on the first day and they ran out by the time I got close.

The next day, I got in line over an hour early, and I was still several blocks from the start of the line. I did get one, though.

Based on the certificate of authenticity, they give out 1,500/day.

Here is a nice video clip showing how long the line was.

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Wow you've been to so many Siggraphs...what would you suggest to make the most of it?

Talk to everybody you can and find out why they are at SIGGRAPH. SIGGRAPH is great for networking. Exchange business cards or facebook friend them.

Go to the Fast Forward session to see if there are any papers you might want to see in person.

Definitely do the Electronic Theater.

If you are in a class/panel/paper and you are bored or not really interested...go try something else. If you are bored at SIGGRAPH, you are doing it wrong.

If there are a bunch of things you want to go to at the same time, consider going to the Geek Bar where you can watch video feeds of many live events at the same time and switch the audio in your headset to the channel you are interested in.

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