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June 23, 2008

Paper Dragon

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This is really cool. A paper dragon that appears to always be watching you...

Click here to read about it and get a print-out of the dragon so you can make your own.

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Is it just me or did that narrator sound just like Murray, the band manager on Flight of the Conchords?

Cool. Very well done.

This is a REALLY old trick. If fact, it was old when Disney designers used it in a ride over 50 years ago.



I've had one of these on my desk for years. It's even more impressive in real life than in the video. It helps to be a pirate, though; binocular vision gets in the way of the illusion.

The haunted mansion was the first thing I thought of when I saw this...it's fun having the effect on your desk.

Or if you can't be a pirate...stand back a bit to minimize the effect of having two eyes.


I made one of these last night too. Very cool even though I felt like a little kid folding it.

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