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November 25, 2007

Tom Leykis

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image I just returned from a 14+ hour road trip to LA and back. To fill the time, I listened to free podcasts of the The Tom Leykis Show show on my iPod.

I think Tom is great...but he is certainly an acquired taste. He says a lot of shocking things (Women are Lazy, The cure for Erectile Dysfunction is younger women), but has well thought out reasons behind them.

Here is one of the episodes I listened to yesterday that is pretty good. Tom talks to the people that can't stand him..."I Hate You, Tom!"

I grabbed about 150 one hour episodes of the Tom Leykis show via iTunes for free. The Tom Leykis show is normally heard via the radio...but I prefer listening via podcasts. Why?

  • Commercials are edited out
  • You can fast forward past boring callers or entire segments
  • Sound quality is consistent no matter where you are located
  • You can pause as needed
  • You can listen for as long as you want (if you have enough episodes)
  • You can listen whenever and wherever you want

Besides iTunes, you can get the podcasts from this page to listen on your computer.

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