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October 3, 2007

Vegas Bound

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I'm getting packed now for a 4 day trip out to Las Vegas....leaving tomorrow morning. I'm meeting my old high school buddy Chris Franka out there to celebrate our birthdays (this Saturday). We have the same birthday...but I'm exactly one year older.

Any suggestions on what to see or do? Post away in the comments. I haven't made any plans yet.

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Hard to go wrong with the Blue Man group

I saw Blue Man Group once in Chicago 7 years ago. I *loved* it and I wouldn't mind seeing it again...but I'd like to try something new.


Crazy Horse II ?
I mean, it's different...

Happy Birthday Dave. And tell Chris the same from me.

You haven't mentioned if you've been there on vacation before. It's been years since I've been, Paris hotel wasn't even built then. I had fun on the New York, NY rollercoaster, House of Blues and the Vodka bar in Mandalay Bay, etc. Are you renting a car or just walking/cabbing it?

I hear the buffet in the Rio is good too but it's always crowded.

Go downtown/Fremont street if you're actually going to gamble and want the best odds. Then while you're there you can see the light show up on the archway over the street.

This is my 5th visit to Vegas. First time in about 4 years. I am staying at TI.

I may go see Jay Leno or Dennis Miller. Carrot top/louie anderson...not so much.

MoFo Chill:

There's a restaurant in the Bellagio that has a patio overlooking the dancing fountains, I think it's called "olive" or something like that. I really enjoyed that.

Also be wary of any super hot chicks that hit on you, you know the kind normally out of your league. They might not be what they appear...

Crazy Horse - ha ha!

[stories from single days]
I won't put details here, but in our (David + Steve's Cat) shared employer, there was a guy who went to Crazy Horse with a credit card expecting to get a lot of sexy time.

Once the card was run and the girl realized the daily limit was within sight, her performance went downhill, and not in the good way - less emotion, very mechanical, basically hilarious to anyone besides this guy (and that girl).

There was also a dancer with a sonic boom shoe, but that's a different story!
[/stories from single days]

The buffet at the Rio *is* very good, but very crowded.

Cirque du Soleil is pretty good...that and the Celine Dion show (if she is still there) should be perfect for two dudes roaming the strip.

It's been years since I've been in Vegas (a few employers ago), but it's a great place to buy a wedding dress!!!

Happy Birthday!

John V.:


Had I seen this before your trip I would have recommended taking a cab ride from the Strip to downtown with a driver whom was in debt $10K (to who knows whom) from which one could learn gambling strategies (such as doubling down in Roulette!).

Hope your trip went well.

John V.

P.S. Did I read that correctly -- you may go see Jay Leno. You've finally seen the light! Leno over Letterman!!!

I remember that cab driver...he is the basis for my "system that can't lose."

Trip was great...Vegas is so much fun...I'm definitely going back more frequently!

I was actually disappointed by Leno...it felt like he was "mailing it in." It was basically a 90 minute version of his opening monologue from the Tonight Show. I almost expected there to be a queue card guy in the audience. Some of it was funny...but not Hee-Haw-kind-of-funny. I actually dozed off a couple of times. Not sure if it was because of Leno or because of how little sleep I had.

John V.:

I caught Leno at the Comedy & Magic Comedy Club back in '03, and then saw his show the next day. I remember two things - I liked that for a few topics (dating, air travel) he went on for five minutes or so just extending on the material, and this was good. Conversely, he spent some time on one-liners to use for the TV show - so I agree about this part of his show being not that great. I liked the time we went so see Harland Williams - now that was funny!

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