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October 31, 2007

Joel Hodgson

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I heard today that Joel Hodgson (creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000) will be coming to ILM to do the first live performance of his latest movie-riffing show, Cinematic Titanic. From his website...

I’ve just been interviewed by Lucasfilm online, in anticipation of Cinematic Titanic’s first live show and world premiere in San Francisco in December. We will link to that story as soon as it is released. Sorry, but this special live show is a closed event for I.L.M/Lucasfilm employees and guests only. As of this writing we are still negotiating some of the fine points, however I am pleased to mention that they’ve granted us the rights to offer this event to you, the friends of Cinematic Titanic, remotely and slightly after the fact - stay tuned.

I actually haven't ever watched an episode of MST3K all the way through...but I was a big fan of Joel's when he did prop-based standup routines on Late Night with David Letterman back in the early 80's.

Look forward to checking this out!

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Joel Hodgson can be a little droll and unassuming, but he is unbelievably clever! I am still in awe of MST3K, which was not only funny, inventive, and literate but was done on a sub-shoestring budget in Minnesota. It was the best example of what cable television was supposed to bring us-- a diverse group of eclectic shows that could never have been made in Hollywood. ( Of course, we all now know that what cable was designed to bring us was endless repeats of Law & Order ad naseum). Of course, he had help at Best Brains making the show, including Mike Nelson (talented writer and eventual replacement).

As a longtime "Mistie" I must say that I am shocked to hear you say you've never sat through an entire episode. But fear not--lots of Beta Tapes are winging their way through the mail right now! (I'm throwing in a few copies of "The Onion" as well.) Enjoy!

As an aside, for more creative anarchy, visit
(personal favorites are Superman and Oceans 40).


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