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August 2, 2007


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I just setup a Twitter account last night. On my home page, you can see the postings to Twitter on the upper-right.

Twitter is fairly new (little over a year old) and a hot topic in the web world. It is not obvious if this technology is going to thrive or just be a fad.

I hope to get some of my friends that are going to SIGGRAPH San Diego on Twitter so I can use Twitter to keep up with what's going on. I could imagine using Twitter to find out...

  • Where to meet my friends for lunch/dinner
  • Where my friends are on the show floor
  • Which classes/papers/panels are good
  • Which classes/papers/panels are bad
  • What parties people are going to
  • Must-see events
  • If anybody wants to share a cab
  • Where the best swag is

So if you want to try this experiment, we need to get connected! I think the way it works is you go here and click "Follow." You will receive any update I send. Then I know you are "following" me and I can follow you and get your updates!

I *believe* you can do all this from your phone without an account (I haven't tried this). If you text message 40404 and send "FOLLOW RGBA", you should get updates about what I'm doing on your phone.

I am using the mobile web version of Twitter on my cell phone. It won't work from IE7, but it does work with a WAP browser (phone web browser). The address is http://m.twitter.com.

After SIGGRAPH, this might be a good way to get friends together for basketball, a movie, dinner, bar hopping, etc.

...or this might be a big waste of time.

Get your Twitter account here.

Comments (2)

I thought about putting Twitter (or one of the Twitter competitors) on my blog, but I decided against it, just based on time. It's kinda cool, but falls into that too-connected lifestyle that makes me roll my eyes.

I don't have a browser phone, so I would need to do this at a computer. It's pointless to run up to the computer, type "making dinner," run downstairs and make dinner, run upstairs to type "eating dinner," run downstairs, etc. If I had a browser phone...maybe.

You can use twitter via txt messaging, too. You can send your updates to 40404. You receive your updates as txt messages. I don't have free txt messaging...so I'm going to use the mobile web client instead (it is also a cleaner interface than txt messaging).

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