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July 9, 2007

Texas Visit

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After five months in California, I'm making a quick trip back to Texas.

I can't technically take vacation yet, so I'm only going to be able to visit for a weekend.

I'm *really* limited on time, and I want to see a bunch of people, and I like to hang out in bars, so here's the plan:



Saturday July 28th, 2007


Come out and join me for a drink and some (pretty) good bar food. You can park for free in the parking garage.

Hope to see ya there!

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Man i thought you've gone all Hollywood on me. But you do like me you really do, just kidding, hell count me in. You think I am going to pass up the chance to catch up. Sorry I have'nt dropped a line its been crazy with bomb threats and car break-ins and dont forget our friends in,low places the homeless people, its been kinda hard to keep up with it all but, life is good enjoying the playstation still cant get thru all the games yet. My wife angel loves the tetrus games wont let me play when I'm home from since she's on vacation for the summer, I'm having to fight her for the console. your not going to belive this the day my T.V was being delivered the truck got held up in traffic and some way some how the truck got robbed of everything, tell you about it when you get here. Stay cool and tell George I said whats up.

Mike Alves:

Thanks for the invite, but I will be in Florida. Let me know how you like ILM!

If you want to hear about ILM...you have to go to Frankies...sorry Mike. It is the only way I can get people to drop by.

@Rey: Go Hollywood? Puleez! I'm the same guy I've always been...but now I hang with Playboy Bunnies. :P

Lookin' forward to seeing you in Big D!

@David: I hate to break this to you, but that parade you blogged about - those weren't Playboy Bunnies....

Why do I feel like Borat talking to Alan Keyes right now?


Sounds like fun David! I'll try to be there!

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