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July 1, 2007

Chris Franka Visit

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My old pal from high school came over to visit me last weekend. The photos are here.

I gave Chris the traditional tour of ILM and then we went bar-hopping off Chestnut.

Chris had been to San Francisco before...so I needed to come up with something to do that would be new for him and me. He hadn't been to Silicon Valley before, and we are both big nerds, so we went on a tour of corporate campuses. We saw...

Here is a map of where we went.

Next we toured the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. It is a beautiful mansion that was under non-stop construction for 36 years, 24 hours a day, year round. It features bizarre designs like doors and stairs that go to nowhere. The mansion had 40 bedrooms, even though the owner, Sarah Winchester, never had any guests.

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What? You call that a tour of Silicon Valley?
You missed a few hundred companies (like Cisco)

Or maybe you should have just visited Tara Reid...

We ran out of time.

We didn't see: Cisco, Pixar, Adobe, Autodesk, HP, Intel, Nvidia, Yahoo, Ebay, Oracle and Sun...and I'm sure there are plenty of other ones I'm forgetting.

Maybe you could come out to SF and we could finish the tour?


Is this "Ian" poster the same E-Dawg from LBJ? If so, did his brother ever forgive him after Mr. Frederick knocked over his stereo system at the dance near Zilker Park?
- MoFo Chill


That's me Heath!
I don't know if my brother ever really knew about that happening. Everything was pretty much in working order. Nothing to see here! Move along...
I think he still has that stereo though.

I'm working on getting a trip to SJ but there are travel restrictions. I need a good valid excuse. I haven't been out for about 1.5 years though, so I'm about due. Need to get my corp. Amex card renewed first. But it will be a piece of cake to rent a car and drive up if I can book the trip. Maybe I'll get a hotel in Foster City and commute like half of the people I work with ;-)

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