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May 28, 2007

Star Wars Convention

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I went to my first Star Wars convention this weekend...Star Wars Celebration IV.

This convention celebrates the 30th anniversary of the original release of Star Wars on May 25th, 1977.

As a Lucasfilm employee, I got a 40% discount on our tickets...with single day tickets costing $45 without the discount.

Here is the schedule for Saturday.

It was held in the Los Angeles Convention Center over 5 days. I brought my cousins Anne and Michael with me and forced them to wear Star Wars shirts.

I used to think *I* was a big nerd...but not anymore! I seem quite normal in comparison to the people at the convention. 

I took a bunch of pictures...check 'em out here.


Comments (10)

Linear Falcon: yuck!

I'm missing my pop culture reference - to whom is the Darth Vader helmet with the hoodie top and aviator sunglasses referring? I can see the picture in the newspaper clipping, but I can't remember who that guy was.

It looks like this would have been perfect for Triumph had he not already done the movie line.

Ah, Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. Good times, good times....



You have the Star Wars hoodie? WHOA!

John V.:

Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Which has the better convention???? In 2003, I went to the annual Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. It was cool as Spock and Uhuru told stories about the old days, and Scotty was there too and talked some. Captain Kirk arrived a few days later; however I had already left Vegas. Did any of the cast or director's talk about the movies There was far less memorabilia than what you show at the Star Wars convention, and fewer folks for autographs (though Chewbacca was there, as was Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off). It was cool. The 2007 show looks to have nearly all the key cast members. Going?

John V.: any of the cast or director's talk about the movies?

Carrie Fisher had a special session ($15 extra on top of $45 entrance fee), but I didn't catch it. I saw Irvin Kershner talk about directing Empire Strikes Back.

I can't go to the Star Trek convention because I'm going to be at SIGGRAPH in San Diego during that time. Sounds fun though!


I think I used to have a crush on your cousin...back in junior high...which is also the last time I was interested in Star Wars (p.s. that's not true, I just watched the original trilogy a month ago on my widescreen)

A crush on his cousin...I guess he's tall and all, but I'm not sure if I would go that far.

@Kelvin: I thought it was the Unabomber!

Did people freak when they found out you were a LF employee, or was that level of worship reserved for ILM?

Gotta work the groupie angle, dude!

The only time I mentioned I worked at Lucasfilm was during registration to get the discount. I spent 20 minutes trying to convince several levels of management that I was entitled to a 40% discount.

Once they finally found one person that knew about the discount, then the guy that was registering me started asking questions about what I did and what it is like.

Other than my endless supply of ILM/Lucasfilm shirts, I tend to be quiet about it.

I may need some tips on how to capitalize on the groupie angle.

@Steve's Cat: Zoom in on the Darth Vader w/ hoodie and you will see the title is "Unavader."

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