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July 9, 2006

My Next Car

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This is a pretty cool car...the Smart Fortwo. They have been in Europe for a while. They will start selling in the US in the 1st quarter of 2008.

Here is a good article about Smart cars. From the article... It is only 8 feet long (4 feet shorter than my MINI!). It gets 60 mpg. It was designed by the same people that do Swatch watches. The car's panels can easily be changed to give the car a whole new look.

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When I went to Aachen, Germany, for ELSA, Smarts were EVERYWHERE, and they really look cool.

I was looking for a Maisto model of the Smart (there was only one model back then), and I finally found a tiny one (no pun intended!).

Actually, today I saw a car that I thought was one of the Smart Roadster,
but it was "just" a Lotus Elise with a funny spoiler.


Just hope you don't get run over by guy on a bicycle. Chances of your survival are not good.

Kelvin Hickman:

There is a Smart Car dealership in Elizabeth CO where you can buy modified to DOT standards models today. The average cost is around $38,000 dollars for the model shown, and closer to $50,000 for the convertible version. (these prices are from late last year, so maybe they have dropped.)

So save those pennies!

Mike Schriever:

Not only is it gay... it costs as much as Corvette.

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