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June 9, 2006

NBA Finals: Game 1

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It is 1:28 am, and I just got back from the Mavs game! What fun! We won 90-80...only 3 wins away from an NBA Championship! Even with Dirk having a terrible game, we were able to win by 10. If Dirk has a "normal" game 2, Miami will be in trouble!

I sat in the 2nd to last row facing the Heat on the lower level. A very obnoxious Heat fan from Miami was sitting in front of me. He let everybody know he *normally* sits in the front row at Heat games and he traveled to see all the Heat playoff games. Any time a Mavs fan stood up to cheer, he'd yell at them to sit down because they were blocking his view. I told him he was worse than Avery Johnson's wife. He was so annoying that I decided I had to retaliate. Every time the Heat did something stupid, I'd make a comment just to make him mad. Every ref call against the Mavs: "There it is again...the refs helping the Heat." Walker jacking up another brick: "I'm soooo glad we got rid of that guy...he sucks!" And it worked like a charm...I was really getting under his skin!. The best was Shaq shooting free throws! I'd laugh my *ss off (like De Niro in "Cape Fear") every time he missed a free throw...and he missed a lot, so I laughed a lot. "Oh good, Shaq got fouled! Let the comedy show begin!" Shaq ended shooting 1 of 9 at the line...11%! Unbelievable! 5 eleven year old boys sitting next to me were also annoyed by the loud Heat fan, so they all decided to joined in with a chorus of shrill laughter every time Shaq laid a brick. It must of worked...the guy stopped talking trash midway through the 3rd.

The W Hotel was lit up tonight at the very top with green and blue neon...I'm guessing that is what they do when the Mavs win, but I'd never seen it before.

I took a bunch of pictures and have some video to upload, but I won't get to that until this weekend. More later...off to bed! GO MAVS!

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Concerning Shaq's free throws...two of his misses were waived off because of lane violations by the Mavs...if you include those bricks, Shaq was 1 for 11 or 9% from the free throw line. That is hee-haw, knee-slapping, pee-in-your-pants funny!

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