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March 27, 2006

Being an Aggie

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There are two truisms when it comes to being an Aggie...you always pull for A&M and you ALWAYS pull for whomever is playing t.u.
I wanted USC to beat t.u. but the t-sips got lucky and won the national championship in football. Thank goodness LSU stepped up and knocked t.u. out of the NCAA basketball tournament this weekend.
It may be hard to understand why a Texas school would not want another Texas school to do well at the national level. This video may help...

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Steve's Cat:

Is video live? All I see is whitespace on Firefox 1.06 and IE 6.x.


This is an embedded flash player. You will need flash installed in order for it to work. I got it from http://www.youtube.com. If you can get video there, then it should also work on my site.

Get the latest version of flash here:

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