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September 30, 2006

Barstool Etiquette

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I just finished watching my Aggies lose (again) to Tech in the final 30 seconds of the game. Since I'm in a pissy mood, please allow me to bitch.

I arrived at the sports bar 30 minutes early so I could get a table for the game. The only table I could find had a single barstool. I looked around and I was surrounded by three tables, each one had an extra, unused barstool.

I should clarify...as far as I was concerned, the barstools were unused.

The table nearest me had a young woman and an older couple. Three people and 4 barstools. I asked if I could use one of the barstools for my friend. The guy immediately said "sure," but his wife said, "I'm using it to hold my purse."

At that point it looked as if the lady felt she had given a compelling argument for why she needed the barstool.

I just stood there in disbelief. Are you kidding me? We are in a packed sports bar in the middle of college football and women's purses are supposed to be treated like people?

The guy realized how ridiculous his wife sounded so he gestured to me to go ahead and take it. I said "thank-you" and I moved the barstool over to my table. As I moved the barstool, I caught a glimpse of the lady giving me an eye-roll, something she obviously does a lot. 

The husband then quickly found another barstool at another table and put it near his wife so she could again have a place to put her purse.

The other two tables near me with unused barstools...the same situation...they were used to hold purses.


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Man Law... if women are to accompany their man to a sports bar, they will not bring their purse.

ted silvers:

do you "lose" your seat if you use the restroom? In the situation I am referring to, it was a less than crowded night, and there were other seats available. I used the facilities and was back in less than three minutes (yes, I sometimes time myself). There was another person in the seat I was sitting in. I shared with him that I had just gone to the restroom, that that is my beer in front of him, etc. The person in the seat, rolled his eyes (what's up with everyone rolling their eyes lately??), but moved two seats over. No big deal, correct. Then, as is happening more and more often his female companion flies down from the rafters and proceeds to go up one side of me and down the other, with all kinds of vitriol. I only went to the restroom, had been in the same seat for close to three hours, there were other open seats, and places at the bar, and on the other side of Elvira. So, what is the proper etiquette??

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