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January 7, 2013

Surface Tip: How to put your pictures "in the cloud" and share them

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Prerequisite: Your must have a Microsoft Account setup. See how here.


  1. Download SkyDrive app from Windows Store
  2. Start SkyDrive app
    • NOTE: You will find the newly installed SkyDrive app at the far right of the Start Screen
  3. Click on “Pictures” folder
  4. Select app command “New Folder”
    • image
  5. Give folder a name that makes searching helpful
    • For example: 2013-01-04 Texas A&M vs OU Cotton Bowl at Monaghan’s
    • I use the above XXXX-XX-XX format so that I can easily sort all my photo albums by the date they were taken
    • I put keywords in the title that will help me find the folder later
  6. Select the folder
  7. Select app command “Upload”
  8. Choose pictures to upload
    1. Connect your camera to Surface via USB port
    2. Click “Files”
    3. Select “Computer”
    4. Select location representing the camera, Example: Removable Disk (D:)
    5. Select pictures you want to upload. You can select multiple pictures or choose “Select all”
    6. Select “Add to SkyDrive”

Now your photos are “in the cloud”. That means you can access them from many places, not just your Surface.

You can access your photos from almost anywhere via:

To share your photos or folder of folders with others:

  1. Open SkyDrive app
  2. Select the folder or pictures you want to share
  3. Select the Share Charm
    • Touch: by swiping from the right, select “Share”
    • Mouse: Put mouse pointer in upper-right and move down or lower-left and move up, select “Share”
  4. To share to
    1. Facebook/Twitter (assumes you added Facebook/Twitter support):
      1. Select “People”
      2. Select Facebook or Twitter
      3. Optionally type a message
      4. Click “Send”
    2. Email:
      1. Select “Mail”
      2. Add email addresses
      3. Optionally type a message
      4. Click “Send”

Add Facebook to Surface

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When you add Facebook support…

  • Contacts in Mail app and People app will have pictures provided by Facebook profiles
  • Facebook pictures will appear in the Photos app
  • Facebook events will show in Calendar app
  • You can see Facebook status updates in the People app
  • You can post Facebook status from the People app

To add Facebook support:

  1. Open People app
  2. Select “Connected to” in upper right
  3. Select “Add an Account”
  4. Select “Facebook”
  5. Fill in you Facebook account information

Add Twitter support similarly.

January 1, 2013

Surface Tip: Use a Microsoft Account

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There are two types of accounts in Windows 8

  • local account
  • Microsoft account

A local account is the old way of doing things. You want to use a Microsoft account to take advantage of new features in Windows 8 such as using the cloud to keep your data synchronized. Learn more about Microsoft accounts here.

A “Microsoft Account” is an email address that ends with:

  • @outlook.com
  • @hotmail.com
  • @live.com

If you don’t have a Microsoft Account, then I recommend getting one via outlook.com. Click here to setup an account.

When you login to Surface for the first time, use your Microsoft Account.

If you already setup an account on your Surface without a Microsoft Account (a “local account”), follow the instructions here under the section “Convert a local account to a Microsoft account”.

Surface Tips and Tricks

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My family has 5 Microsoft Surface’s now. I’m going to write several posts to help them get started. I will publish all the articles here so they can help others as well. You can see all of posts at: http://www.davidlenihan.com/ORIGINAL_davidlenihan.com/surface.



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