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August 16, 2010

Comic-Con 2010 Day 2

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The bags at Comic-Con are ginourmous. Bags were bigger than some of the attendees.


Big ad for the sci-fi movie Skyline.



Patrick Duffy: Man from Atlantis/Bobby from Dallas.


P1030627The cast from The Guild…missing one very important member…



…my nerd crush Felicia Day. She’s so cute!


My buddy Trey asked me to get his book Ramayana: Divine Loophole autographed by the author/artist Sanjay Patel (has worked for Pixar for 13 years). Sanjay was very nice and spent time making each autograph a unique work of art.P1030633

Gil Gerard from Buck Rogers talking to the original Boomer from Battlestar Galatica.



Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi!


Then I saw a large orange windup fish…


I knew exactly what this was for…Rango! I asked the girl working at the booth, “This is for Rango, right?” And she gave me a puzzled look. “This is for Mr. Timms.”


Ok, whatever. I know what is going on. They had Mr. Timms shirts and I wanted one. To get one, you get three ping pong balls. Throw them into Mr. Timms mouth and the balls will come out one of 4 tubes that determine what prize you get: a shirt, a windup Mr. Timms, a pen with a floating Mr. Timms, or a Mr. Timms coin holder. Get all three balls in and you get to pick your prize.P1030654

I said, “Ok, I’m ready.” The girl replied, “Then you need to go to the end of the line against the wall.”

There was a line about a block long for Mr. Timms! I spoke to people in the line…nobody knew about the connection to Mr. Timms and Rango. The little girl behind me was jumping up and down because she was so excited about Mr. Timms. Amazing.

While we were waiting in line, a guy told us that he is introducing Mr. Timms to America and how amazing Mr. Timms is.

When I finally got to try my luck with the ping pong balls, I got 2 of 3 in…no shirt! I said “I have to have a shirt!” They said I would have to wait in line again. I said, “I will stand in line all day…I’m not leaving until I get a shirt.”

I guess it helps being loud, because when I got back in line, someone from the booth came to talk to me. She saw that I worked at ILM (I had an Iron Man crew shirt on). She said I wasn’t the first person from ILM that was determined to get a shirt. Rather than make me wait in line all day, she said she would see what she could do.

I said, “While you are seeing what you can do…”large” would be nice!”

She came back and announced, “I’m giving out a shirt to a random winner in line…and it goes to…*YOU* sir!” Very cool! I got my shirt!


P1030645Not sure what she was supposed to be…but it works.


I am a huge LOST fan…so I had to get my picture with a cast member: Nadia.P1030646

Seeing bare ass gets my attention…I didn’t know who she was at the time. It’s Cammy White from the video game Street Fighter.P1030649

Nvidia had a setup where you could get your picture taken with some World of Warcraft girls in 3D. I think seeing the picture in 3D was supposed to be the draw…but I doubt anybody cared about the 3D.

DSCF0161 DSCF0162

I wanted to get was a TRON shirt. I asked at the TRON booth if they had any. They said the shirts they were wearing were the only TRON shirts available, and were exclusively provided by a vendor on the show floor. I picked one up on my way out.


While walking back to my hotel…guess who I ran into? The Old Spice Guy!P1030656


Comic-con was a blast. For me, two days was the perfect amount of time. Any more and I would have OD’ed. It was a good time…would definitely go again.


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