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June 3, 2006

Q Arrives!

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My new phone, a Motorola Q, arrived in the mail on Friday. I'll write up a review once I get it working as my standard phone.

I love the form factor...*very* small. I love the keyboard. Pocket Internet Explorer is not so great...it can't even render my blog correctly! I'll have to see if my blog is doing something non-standard, which is very likely. It doesn't support frames and it looks like it is based on IE 4.0. My Yahoo also rendered wrong. I tried to use the Opera Mini web browser, but it doesn't work on Windows Mobile 5 (the Q's OS) yet, so I'm out of luck for now. I haven't found a way for it to play flash or quicktime movies yet. Internet speed is decent...with only one bar showing for signal strength, I was able to download a 5MB WMV video file in two minutes. Video playback is nice. It doesn't stream video files...it must download them first, then play them. :( I haven't been able to get it to play any of my mp3's I have online...maybe because it expects a certain bit rate? I'll have to investigate this more.

I'm setting the phone up now to synchronize my email/calendar/contacts/task list with the exchange server so my home outlook, web-based outlook, and now my Q all have the same information. I just created a test task on my phone and then checked my desktop outlook and the task is there, too! Awesome! Also, all my email, contacts, calendar, and task list's are now on my Q! Me likey!

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