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May 13, 2006

Home Computer Genealogy

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Wow! This took a lot more effort than I thought. I did a lot of searching through company product histories and archives of credit card transactions to put most of this together. I previously did the Game Console Genealogy, so here is the Home Computer Genealogy...computers I've grown up with.

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I remember the IBM PS/2 (sweet Arkanoid); I also had a computer from USA Flex but can't remember any specs; I remember your 233Mhz, since that was the first one that had the power switch where you twisted it and held it to go into S3, right? I remember you talking about the dual cpu machine, and I remember you talking about a laptop.

Yes, the 233 MHz was my first ATX form factor PC. ATX, at the time, was a new platform that was designed to replace AT. The major difference being AT had a physical power switch and ATX could be turned off by software.


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