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July 18, 2005


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This is actually funnier and more bizarre if you just watch the 5 MB WMV video (or bigger 15 MB MPEG video) without knowing any background.

A friend of mine showed me a dancing video by a guy named Matt. The way I understand it, Matt was a game designer that decided to quit and see the world. His travel buddy thought it would be funny if he danced everywhere he went and recorded it on video. It is a very funny video and worth watching. It is amazing how many places he has been. Because of his internet dancing video, he has been on Inside Edition, MSNBC, and the Ellen DeGeneres show. He even has a Wikipedia article about him…now that is fame!!!

I happened to go to Disney World a few days after I saw Matt’s dancing video. I thought it would be funny to try to do the same thing that Matt did, but use the fake countries at Epcot. It is a *very* strange feeling to start dancing in public with no music. People just assumed I was a street performer or something…it is Disney World after all.

When I got back from Disney World, I downloaded the video from my digital camera and threw together the dance video.

This is taken from an email thread to Matt that started July 18, 2005. The subject for these emails: “You are an inspiration!”

David Lenihan wrote:

Hey Matt. A buddy showed me your dancing video before I went on my Disney World trip this weekend. Because of your video, I felt compelled to dance in front of all the countries at Epcot. I think from now on I will *always* dance whenever there is a video camera running!

Here’s MY version of your dance video.


Keep on groovin’


Matthew Harding wrote:

That’s awesome!

I love it. Man, I wish I’d thought to do that. It would’ve saved me SO MUCH time and effort!

Can I link to your video on my site? Might take me a couple weeks to get around to another post. I hope you’re leaving it up for a while.



David Lenihan wrote:

Go ahead and link to it...it would be an HONOR! I'll probably leave it that link live forever.

What video editor do you use? I actually learned a bit of video editing trying to mimic your video style. I use Ulead Media Studio Pro, but I’m thinking of moving to Adobe Premier Pro.


Matthew Harding wrote:

> What video editor do you use? I actually
> learned a bit of video editing
> trying to mimic your video style. I use
> Ulead Media Studio Pro, but I’m
> thinking of moving to Adobe Premier Pro.

I don’t know much about video editing. I used the free editor that came with the Canon camera I used. It’s called ArcSoft VideoImpression. It’s easy to use, but buggy and not very robust.

I’d love to use Premiere, but it’s really expensive, isn’t it?


David Lenihan wrote:

Yes, Premiere is a bit pricey...but it is an "industry standard" so it looks better on a resume to say you have experience with Premiere rather than Ulead Media Studio Pro.


Matthew Harding wrote:

Hey David

I finally just posted a new entry with a link to your video.

I need to get a screenshot of it though and include that under the text. I need to monkey around with my apps and see if I have anything that can take a screenshot from a video clip. If you’ve got an image lying around, it’d be greatly appreciated :)

Thanks again


David Lenihan wrote:

Hey Matt...sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I moved to downtown Dallas and went to SIGGRAPH and a bunch of other lame excuses. So here is a pic I grabbed from the video.

Dancin’ Dave



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