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December 31, 2009

3D in Theaters

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There are multiple ways to do 3D in movie theaters. My favorite is RealD because of the image quality and the potential of getting normal sunglasses that work in a theater. I saw Avatar in both RealD and Dolby 3D and could not tell a difference…both looked great.

Here’s a table to help keep it straight:


Company Technology # of Theaters Cost of Glasses Can tilt head Notes
RealD Circular Polarization (passive) 5,000 $0.65 Yes
  • Polarized light reduce image brightness
  • Requires special silver screen to maintain polarized light and reflect more light to make up for brightness loss during polarization
  • Projector must be brighter than normal to address light loss during polarization
  • Silver screen has more narrow viewing angle and issues with over-saturation in the center of the screen (NOTE: 2D movies may not look as good in 3D equipped theaters)
  • Can get prescription glasses and sun glasses with circular polarization so you can wear your own glasses during movie/outside of theater
  • Theater locator
Dolby 3D Color Filter (passive) 2,200 $28 Yes
  • Works with normal screen,  normal brightness
  • Glasses can’t be used outside of theater
  • Theater locator
XpanD LCD Shutter (active) 2,000 $50 Yes
  • If something blocks the sensor on the glasses, the shutter stops
  • I notice the flicker of the shutter glasses and get eye fatigue
  • Glasses use batteries
  • Glasses can’t be used outside of theater
  • Theater locator

IMAX 3D uses either linear polarization (which means you *cannot* tilt your head), or LCD shutter glasses, depending on theater.

My biggest issues are…

  1. Letting you tilt your head during a movie
  2. Headaches from LCD shutter glasses

For now, I’m avoiding XpandD and IMAX 3D for 3D movies.

Much of this info is from this article.

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