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September 7, 2009

SIGGRAPH Attendance

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I like to use SIGGRAPH as a gauge for how business is in the 3D industry.

The conclusion: things aren’t good.

There were approximately 12,000 attendees…less than half of last year in LA and the smallest turnout since 1980 in Seattle.

My first SIGGRAPH was in ‘97, which was also the best attended at nearly 50,000.

Jon Peddie Research has a nice chart with the attendance numbers…


Full article is here.

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My feeling is that it is like GDC: these kinds of shows are no longer the primary venue for spreading and receiving new knowledge, but they are a primary venue for catching up with friends and going to parties. I'm sure this year's economic malaise made not-nearly-enough people attend Siggraph, but even so, I think the glory days are past. Another corollary - the bigger the show floor, the less relevant a show like this is to you or I. Siggraph is getting there... As soon as the show's main focus is people selling stuff to other people, hasta la vista, baby.

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