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July 29, 2009


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It’s almost time! I’m heading to New Orleans on Friday for SIGGRAPH 2009. It will be my 13th in a row.

I plan on actively updating this blog (http://davidlenihan.com) and my twitter account (http://twitter.com/davidlenihan) while I’m out there. Let me know if you will be doing the same and I’ll track you.

Here are some pics from SIGGRAPH 2008 that I never got around to posting…a few computer graphic celebrities.

Jos Stam (I told him I was collecting photos of the tallest people at SIGGRAPH and he won).


And Ken Perlin (I think he needs a new shirt…check out the link!)…



SIGGRAPH uploaded a few videos to whet your appetite for the New Orleans event.

SIGGRAPH overview…


Technical papers previews…

Animation festival preview…

A new category at SIGGRAPH, real-time rendering animation festival…

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Look forward to seeing you there! VizWorld will be updating as well.

@VizWorld (Randall?)...I'm tracking you via twitter and your RSS feed now.


Glad you're at SIGGRAPH NOLA. So sorry I couldn't be there to enjoy it and have a drink or two at vendors' expense (have better if not more fun places to be). Will live it vicariously through your exploits.

I'm very proud of your screen credit. Need to update your IMDB account (which BTW is first entry on BING search for your name). Its cool to know someone who made it the show.


I sent a request to IMDB for the HP credit...but your first credit in a category takes time. I already have a game credit, but IMDB considers that as a different category.

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