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July 26, 2009

Pixar Visit

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P1020619 P1020634

I’ve been trying to get a tour of Pixar for quite a while now.

And I finally did…thanks to my buds Rachel and Jason.

Visitor Badge

I met them for lunch on Thursday. We grabbed some Mexican pizza from Cafe Luxo and ate outside.



Front desk


Open area in center of building P1020627 
Pixar has an art exhibit featuring work from various stages of development of their last project. Up! was on display when I visited. There is a lot to see…I wish I could have spent more time looking at this.

Pixar is filled with the characters from their movies.

Luxo Jr.

P1020632 P1020633 CIMG0050


The Incredibles


Finding Nemo



Monster’s Inc.


Cars (on the right)


They have “hidden” rats drawn in various places…


My last stop was the company store.


I got a few new work shirts for me…


   …and some shirts for my nephew and niece.



Thanks again to Rachel and Jason! They were great hosts…now it’s my turn!

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Can't resist to comment this time : damn, you were so lucky ! I'm also dreaming to get a tour for a while.

Even if, unlike you, I don't work for a famous studio yet, I guess that in exchange I can offer a tour of Paris and/or any place in France :) (I doubt that it'll be enough, sic!)

Are you attending Siggraph this year too ?

ps: following your blog for a while and I really like it. Keep going.

@Nicolas: I'll definitely be at SIGGRAPH...I got hooked in '97 and haven't missed one since.

You going?


Hey, I came across your blog while searching for the 49 mile drive. I've lived in the east bay virtually my entire life, and I still find nuggets around the bay. I was totally entertained. Great stuff.

Joe Lazar

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