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June 8, 2009

Must See Movies!

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So far this year, I have three movies on my “must see” list.


I saw “The Hangover” on Friday. I *really* enjoyed this movie…it doesn’t get any funnier than this. I’ve already started quoting this movie…and you should too. Drop what you are doing and go see this now!



Last weekend, I saw “Drag Me to Hell.” The ads make it look like a cheesy horror flick…but this movie is much better than that. It is actually very funny. The last time I experienced anything like this was when I saw Evil Dead 2 for the first time. That shouldn’t be a surprise since they are both by Sam Raimi.

imageStar Trek has a lot to like: visual effects (by ILM!), great dialog, acting, interesting story, and hot green chicks. Yesterday, Star Trek passed Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home as the 2nd top grossing Star Trek film (in adjusted dollars). It will likely take the top position ($18 million to go) from Star Trek: The Motion Picture soon.


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Up! didn't make the list?


Evil Dead 2! That brings back memories. Didn't we have a mandatory "club" morning in high school where we convinced Mr. Davis to show movies?

I put Up! in the bottom 5 Pixar movies with the top 5 being:

Monsters, Inc
The Incredibles
Toy Story
Toy Story 2

I thought Up! was good...not great. I have no desire to watch it again, unlike all of the top 5 Pixar movies.


Yep! "The Movie Club" was created so I could put *something* (president, no less!) on the extracurricular activites section of my college application.


For extracurricular activity recognition, you could have listed schooling foolz at the MCC parking lot b-ball court. That's what I did.

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