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January 25, 2009

Windows 7 Gem #6

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Windows 7 includes new windows management shortcuts that have already changed the way I work. The internal names for the new functionality are Aero Snap, Aero Shake, and Aero Peek.

“Aero Snap”

Function Mouse Mouse Restore Keyboard Keyboard Restore
Maximize Drag window to top Drag window down Win key-Up Arrow Win key-Down Arrow
Fill left half of screen Drag window to left Drag window to right Win key-Left Arrow Win key-Right Arrow
Fill right half of screen Drag window to right Drag window to left Win key-Right Arrow Win key-Left Arrow
Maximize vertically Drag window border to top or bottom Drag window down None None
Minimize None None Win key-Down Arrow None

By far, the feature I use the most is dragging windows to the left and right. It makes it really easy to work in one application while referencing another.


“Aero Shake”

Function Mouse Mouse Restore Keyboard Keyboard Restore
Minimize all but this Drag window back and forth rapidly Drag window back and forth rapidly Win key-Home Win key-Home

This is just nice when your desktop gets filled with lots of windows and you want to focus on the task at hand.


“Aero Peek”

Function Mouse Mouse Restore Keyboard Keyboard Restore
Temporarily show desktop and gadgets Move to bottom-right corner Move mouse out of corner Win key-Space Release Win key
Show desktop and gadgets Click bottom-right corner Click bottom-right corner Win key-D Win key-D

I think the main reason you would want to see your desktop temporarily is to check the status of gadgets (check weather, news, sports, system status, etc). In Windows 7, the Sidebar is gone and all gadgets go to the desktop.

I didn’t use the Sidebar in Vista because it took too much screen space. In Vista, you could also place gadgets on the desktop, where they were easily forgotten. Because of the ability to quickly peek at the desktop in Windows 7, I expect I’ll use gadgets more.

Here is a video that shows most of this functionality in action.



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