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January 17, 2009

Greetings From Windows 7

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I installed the public beta of Windows 7 this week.

If you have any interest in giving Windows 7 a test drive or providing Microsoft feedback on improving Windows, I recommend you download it now (and write down the activation key). The public beta will close on January 24th. Here is where you get the free download.

My initial impression…I *love* it.

I love Vista, so it should come as no surprise that I love Windows 7 even more. Windows 7 is basically Windows Vista with some polish.

I’m shocked at all the positive press Windows 7 is getting from people that hated Vista. If you hate Vista, you should hate Windows 7…period (I’m looking at you PC Magazine).

I’ve been jotting down notes about new things I like in Windows 7. I’ll start posting my Windows 7 Gems soon.

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I was anxious to try W7 as well.

My first lesson (that I should have learned from Vista)-- don't trust Microsoft to have their 64 bit act together.

I have a refurb server motherboard, dual 2.5 Ghz Xeon processors with 6 GB ram. W7 will not recognize this as a 64 bit device. Its not antiquated by any means, but I'm running the 32 bit version 'cause that's all that will load. And, of course, with half my ram sitting on the sideline as well.

Let's hope that beta fixes this! I need this for a render engine (Its got a twin sister sitting in the garage).



I guess I should have read the other "Gems" before I commented on #5. These are all mediocre ass changes and I still see no reason to bother upgrading from XP (maybe to support DirectX 10 but thats pretty much them grasping at straws). All these changes could be and are free via external installations and not worth buying anything or installing a new OS without it being for another reason. I am a big Microsoft supporter, but they just can't think of anything better than what they already have. Hopefully they can keep their programming technologies strong even when no one is paying for their new OS anymore (if people ever were). Maybe I just look at it from the wrong perspective, and PC morons will just buy whatever they put out next so they can tell their friends and assume they have the greatest. I don't see any innovation or even an attempt in the Windows desktop OS.

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