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November 15, 2008

SIGGRAPH Day 2: Softimage Party

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Softimage sent out a teaser for their party that indicated “special” entertainment related to their introduction of ICE (Interactive Creative Environment). The party was at a cool LA club called Seven Forty. This is probably the last SIGGRAPH Softimage party.

So what would the special entertainment be? Ice Cube? Ice-T? Vanilla Ice?

It turned out to be Vanilla Ice! What better way is there to get people excited about your new 3D software than with a washed up white rapper?

It’s fun to goof on Vanilla, but he did put on a good show.

I got *really* close…I had inside info on who was going to be the performer, so I wanted to be in the front row/center so I could get a fist bump from V-Ice.

The club filled with a bunch of smoke, so I knew something was about to happen…

P1010708I figured it was going to be the opening act. A guy emerged from the smoke and tried to shake my hand. I motioned to do a fist bump instead…which confused the guy at first and then he played along. I didn’t realize until the smoke cleared that it was actually Vanilla Ice. I totally dissed his handshake offer and instead made him do a fist bump. Hey…that’s how I roll.


My buddy Spaghetti (a.k.a. Trey) took all of these photos. Here he is with Vanilla in the background…



You can see my green shirt…which is covered in water. Vanilla Ice has a large supply of bottled water…not because he is really thirsty, but because he uses it to spray on the crowd. You can see the water in the bottom-left corner of the next pic…


P1010710The girl standing next to me was a reserved engineer from AMD. All it took was a look from Vanilla Ice and the next thing I know, she is on stage with a bunch of girls making out. It was like he brought out a pole at a strip club…amazing…


I am still practicing that Vanilla Ice look…so far it is not working.

Also in attendance, Vanilla Ice’s good friend, porn star Ron Jeremy (next to the girl in white)…


It was a fun time (although I learned nothing about Softimage except that they throw great parties). Maybe they already knew they were going to be sold at this point?

As is a tradition at SIGGRAPH, women were difficult to spot. See if you can find any…



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Heh heh...Ron Jeremy at a Softimage party. Good one.

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