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November 12, 2008

Kernel Panic is the New BSOD

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image Here is an iPhone window display in an AT&T store in Boston. The display is running on a Mac…that crashed.


That’s a Mac kernel panic, which is like a BSOD, except it doesn’t give you any information about why your computer locked up.

Here’s a Mac kernel panic caught on video…

This one is interesting…a Mac guy talking about working on a Mac…


I thought Macs didn’t crash! Where would I get that idea? Hmm…

Also, next time you visit an Apple Store, notice that they have no cash registers! Instead, employee’s have a wireless checkout device…that runs Windows.


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David, you're missing the whole point... the kernel panic is so much prettier than the BSOD.

Ok, if you are going to dog: Be specific! EZ Pays (made by Symbol) run Windows CE.

I will leave you with this:


When I stated working at the Apple Store EZpays were relatively new. I loved using them and would often lead the store in percentage of transaction. Over time, I became so dependent on it that if I had to use the real cash register (which was an iMac) for a cash or check transaction, I was completely helpless. Now that is iRonic.


What if the Matrix ran on Windows?


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