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September 18, 2008

First Video Game Credit

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TFU Manual Cover

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (TFU) came out Tuesday this week. I'm pretty excited about it...it's my first video game credit!

I worked in a group called "Shared Tools and Technology" (Shared Tech) which is made up of people from ILM Research & Development (my group) and LucasArts. We worked together to build software used to create the game.

I am in the instruction manual credits, on page 19, 2nd column, 5th from the top...

TFU Manual Credits


I am also in the game credits. You can get there from the TFU main menu by choosing "Extras" and then "Credits." I'm under the heading "Shared Tools and Technology/Shared Tech", 13th down...


game credit

TIP: You can get to the good part of the credits quickly (i.e. my part) by pressing down on the the left joystick. You can go backwards by pressing up.

LucasArts also let us do dedications in the game credits. It is located under "Special Thanks." I am the 5th one...

game special thanks

Comments (9)


Congratulations :) It was good working with you putting this sucker together!

Hey wait a minute..."Allen" comes before "Porcino"...WTF?


Do we get to call you a west coast bleeding-heart Hollywood elitist pinko liberal tree-hugging celebrity now?

Just asking ;)

John Mark Roquemore:

Hey man, Congratulations!!!! That is really cool. The game looks really cool. I hope it does well for you guys. Good luck on your next project.




Sorry for busting out a spoiler, but I need the code to get to the Steve's Cat level.




Very cool!

I am liking it on the Wii, though the instruction book seems to be only printed in B&W and the pictures are really hard to see.

Steven Soto:

Congrats Dave! We're glad things are going well.

@Mike Alves

I should point out that the only versions I worked on were for the 360 & PS3...Wii, PS2, PSP, and DS were done externally by Krome Studios.

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