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August 18, 2008


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I'm always curious about the attendance and exhibitor numbers for SIGGRAPH as a barometer for computer graphics.

Here is what I could find from this year's SIGGRAPH dating back to 1996...

Year Location Attendance


1996 New Orleans 28500 321
1997 Los Angeles 48700 359
1998 Orlando 32210 327
1999 Los Angeles 42690 337
2000 New Orleans 25986 316
2001 Los Angeles 34024 303
2002 San Antonio 17000 225
2003 San Diego 25000 240
2004 Los Angeles 27825 229
2005 Los Angeles 29122 250
2006 Boston 19764 230
2007 San Diego 24043 230
2008 Los Angeles 28400 237

I got these numbers from financial reports or the home page for that year's SIGGRAPH (here is SIGGRAPH 99). For 2008, I took the attendance from the final presentation of SIGGRAPH and I counted the number of exhibitors in the show floor guide booklet.

Here are a couple of charts to look at these numbers graphically...




SIGGRAPH had its largest attendance ever in 1997. Then there was a downward spiral until 2003. Since then, SIGGRAPH has been fairly stable.

My prediction for SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans:

  • 20,000 attendees
  • 230 exhibitors

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I'm gonna go for 25k in New Orleans, I give it a bump for people curious to see what it's like post-Katrina.


I think there will be 25-30k in New Orleans. I remember last year in San Diego people were already talking about a SIGGRAPH in New Orleans so I expect a big turnout.

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