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August 8, 2008

Am I Paid Enough?

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It is tough to know how you are paid in relation to others around you because salary information is normally kept private.

...except for people working in America via H-1B visas.

Check out this website with salary information for people working via H-1B.

The actual data is available (and is huge). It's much quicker to skip past that to the the interactive web query version.

For example, here is what I got when I asked for Pixar in California...


Big ups to Neil for the hookup.

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Another good site to compare is glassdoor.com it is a beta and you have to create an anonymous account to view salaries.

Here is their Pixar section

They do give a few free pages like Google's salaries


This is glassdoor.com Pixar section so you don't have to create an account.

Note: Salary may vary by years of experience, location, and other factors.

Technical Director (5) $90k - $110k Average Salary $98,400
Cartoonist / Animator (1) $83k
Engineer (1) $165k
Management Assistant (1) $49k
Production Coordinator (1) $38k
Senior Software Engineer (1) $120k
Story Artist (1) $155k

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