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July 29, 2008

Vista Gem #7

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The Resource Monitor is a new tool for Vista that helps track down performance issues.


To start the Resource Monitor...

  1. Right click on an empty part of the taskbar and select "Task Manager" (or press Ctrl-Shift-Esc)
  2. Select the "Performance" tab
  3. Click the "Resource Monitor..." button at the bottom right



Resource Monitor tracks your CPU and memory like Task Manger does. But, it also tracks disk and network activity.

If any of the charts are pegged, click on it to get more detailed information.

I sort by the following columns to see who is responsible for the resource use:

  • CPU: CPU column
  • Disk: Either the Read or Write column
  • Network: Total column
  • Memory: Hard Faults

I found this tool *very* helpful...I will be using it more in the future.


Comments (3)

John Roquemore:

I agree that the Resource Monitor is really cool, I just wish they allowed you to record it over time, like while you are testing another app, say, maybe a rendering in Maya or something to that effect.


You can use Performance Monitor to record/review performance logs.


On the left side:
Monitoring Tools->Performance Monitor

Select what you want to monitor:
Add Counters (Green Plus or Ctrl+I)

Start recording:
Main Menu->Action->New->Data Collector Set

The collection set is stored on the left side:
Data Collection Sets->User Defined
Right click this to start/stop recording

You can view the log. On the left side, click on Performance Monitor.
View Log Data (Blue Box or Ctrl+L)
Data Source: Log Files
Add...Find your log file

You can right click on the data collection and select properties->directory to see where it is stored.

John Roquemore:

WOW, super cool!

Thanks David!

That tool just became really useful now.

Keep the Vista gems coming. great stuff.


PS. just for the record I am a mac user also... :-)

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